Indigo Dye Workshop

indigo dye craft vat and tools

This two-day workshop will explore the ancient process of fabric dying with Indigo, a naturally blue, plant based-dye indigenous to many cultures in the Far East, Africa, and Central America. Indigo blue, which is the blue in the robes of many Zen monks as well as popular denim blue jeans, is prized for its stunning and vibrant blue, which does not fade easily in sunlight or in the wash. In this class, students will learn to prepare natural and chemical Indigo dye vats, and learn pattern making and mark-making techniques such as Shibori (Japanese tie-dye) and Batik (Indonesian wax resist painting). This class is appropriate for children age 6+ with supervision of a guardian.

When: Two sessions with the same content -- pick one:

            Session 1: June 30 - July 1, 2pm - 5pm

            Session 2: July 28 - July 29, 2pm - 5pm

Where: Buddha Eye Temple, 2190 Garfield Street, Eugene OR

Cost: $50.00/session, all supplies included, (for scholarships contact)

Instructor: Jovencio Jakuen de la Paz

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