"Doing Time"


June 30th, 10:00am
Head of Assembly, Myobun Freinkel Tishman

How does Zen Buddhism “do” time? We Buddhists talk a lot about impermanence. To study time is, first and foremost, to study the poisons of greed and hatred. In a world where beloved flowers fade while loathed weeds flourish, we need to find ways to let go. No greed, no aversion. But is “doing time” only about impermanence?

Along with other members of the sangha, Myobun has spent a decade sitting every month with folks actually “doing time”: the men of “The Deer Park Sangha" at Oregon State Correctional Institution. Join us this Sunday as she shares her own reflections on the ways time teaches us - and the lessons she’s learned from our dharma brothers behind bars.