The Promise of Impermanence? Listen here.


The Promise of Impermanence?

Myobun Freinkel Tishman Koji
Sunday, October 6th, 10:00am

“Just reflect,” our ancestor Dogen urges us. “Is there an entire being or an entire world missing from your present time, or not?” Dogen teaches us the truth of radical impermanence. He teaches us that who we are and what we encounter is a world of ceaseless and continual change. Living in (as) such a world may feel like getting sucker-punched. Getting assailed continually by doubt, by loss, by hurt. Radical impermanence is, can be, a life of grief. But Dogen also teaches us the deep promise of this impermanence. The world of loss, the self of doubt, is also the world and self of ease and abundance. Let’s continue exploring this mystery together.