Zen as Religion?


Zen as Religion?
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Head of Assembly, Myobun Freinkel Tishman

The word “zen” is just a Japanese transliteration of a Sanskrit term for meditation: dhyana. Zen is the “meditation" school - and in modern Western circles, we tend to think about meditation in psychological and scientific terms. For many of us “religion" conveys a world of dogma and creed, while Zen is often considered most valuable for unlocking insights into behavior, society and mind. But what about the “woo”? What do we gain when we think about Zen as religion? Particularly: what about the ritual elements of Zen? How is ritual performance, ritual action part of the life-transformative work of Zen?  

This Sunday’s dharma talk picks up on Ejo’s meaty Q&A from May 26. You can listen to that discussion by clicking on this link!