Sustainable Impact Campaign

People have a natural capacity for satisfaction, joy, and mutual support, and yet it is often difficult to find those qualities within our modern, crowded lives.  In today’s world many of us encounter an ever-tightening bind of more choices, and yet a lessened sense of ease, harmony with each other, and connection with the earth.  We need not be trapped.  We can cultivate joyful, helpful, and harmonious lives.

The Buddhist tradition does not try to answer all of our questions or solve all of our problems.  What it does offer is encouragement to uncover our limiting perspectives and guidance to transform the way we live.  It offers refuge from the turmoil of a difficult world and cultivation of our deep mutuality.  We receive wisdom from each other and from a tradition that has engaged this transformative work for millennia.  We need good friends, clear examples, and strong voices that show how to live with integrity that includes the welfare of all.

At Buddha Eye Temple, we are committed to facing directly the challenge of personal and collective transformation.  Temples such as ours provide a gateway through which people can find and take care of their deep intention.  The mission to provide this gateway has guided the development of Buddha Eye Temple over the past fifteen years.  We have created a beautiful facility that is open for the whole community and supports many ongoing opportunities for learning and transformative practice. 

Although we are proud of what we have accomplished thus far, it has long been our vision to grow into a comprehensive community temple.  We are at a pivotal point in bringing that vision to reality.  Thus, we are starting our Sustainable Impact Campaign with a reaffirmation of our goals and vision.  Within this broad vision, there are steps to take now. 

We need your help!


GOAL 1 - Cultivating a Transformative Place


VISION: Maintain an inviting, public temple where people can easily enter and find what they need to cultivate ease and joy.  Uphold sacred space, symbols, and ritual that helps us on a deep level to remember the luminosity of life and of our shared hearts.

PROGRESS: We have a beautiful garden and main hall to support classes and practices.  The facilities provide a calm center for the neighborhood.  The Temple can also accommodate a small number of resident students.

GOING FORWARD: Construct a dedicated sanctuary building for meditation and spiritual practice that is open for use throughout every day.  This dedicated building will allow us to use our current hall for a wide variety of classes and community uses.  Establish a residence for our teacher so he may be more fully integrated into the daily activities of the temple.

GOAL 2 - Cultivating Transformative Teachings


VISION: Bring the ancient wisdom of an authentic Buddhist lineage to our life today through teachings, practices, and programs.  Respond to the needs of the wider community through outreach programs.  Sow the seeds of contemplative practice to nurture wisdom and compassion, with particular attention given to youth.

PROGRESS: We provide an ongoing daily program in Buddhist teachings and practice, a weekly Sunday assembly with meditation, chanting and dharma teaching, as well as a variety of classes, workshops, and retreats.  Our guiding teacher is accessible and available to meet individually for spiritual guidance.  We have an outreach program at the Oregon State Correctional Institution in Salem.  We provide space for mindfulness-based responses to addiction through Refuge Recovery.

GOING FORWARD: Expand our program to respond to many levels and types of interest in Buddhist and contemplative practice including a dharma teacher training program.  Establish programs for youth that emphasize mindfulness, outdoor activity, ecology, and art.  Provide training for a variety of groups in secular approaches to meditation.  Recruit teachers to offer community classes including yoga, tai-chi, gardening, tool repair, cooking, etc.

GOAL 3 - Cultivating A Transformative Community

VISION: Grow a stable, open, and trustworthy community in which people can encounter acceptance, honesty, and support.  Facilitate personal practice, inquiry and exploration of teachings to help transform self and society.  Engage fully the role of the spiritual in social issues and public discourse.  Through this engagement, cultivate a world of equity and empowerment through commitment to public service.

PROGRESS: We are an inviting Buddhist community with deep roots in our neighborhood.  We support each other in uncovering wisdom and compassion in ourselves and the world.  We offer space to social justice groups for educational meetings and trainings.  We are in the beginning stages of partnerships to build neighborhood community organizing.

GOING FORWARD: Work to bring the fruits of a harmonious spiritual community to the larger community by inviting broad involvement around equity, empowerment, and care for each other and the earth.  Include workshops and educational events to help weave the wider community through a deep recognition of our mutuality.  Without falling into the partisan, our temple community and leadership will begin to engage with clarity in public discourse toward cultivation of a healthy, harmonious world.