In the time of Shakyamuni Buddha, monks would walk an alms round each morning through the local village with a large bowl. Villagers would place food in that bowl and whatever the monk received would be what was eaten that day. Relying on the spirit of that way of life, Buddha Eye Temple is supported solely by donations. Dana, or generosity, underlies all of life, and the practice of dana is not just something we do at the temple. But it is also true that we take up a practice of dana at the temple. There is no charge for any dharma event at the temple. We rely on freely-given offerings to support the teaching of Buddhadharma and daily functioning of the temple as a vehicle for practice. There are many ways to give, including goods and services, time and talent, and financial support. Many people who attend the tample give monthly dana. The temple relies on these freely-given donations to cover all expenses, including mortgage, utilities, supplies, food, maintenance, and support for the Abbott.


Buddha Eye Temple’s vision is to be a place where awakening is realized for and with the whole community. Community is the foundation of Buddha Eye Temple and is fostered by our dedicated volunteers who contribute through material dana (donation) and with the generosity of their time.  No matter how much time you have, there is a volunteer opportunity for you at Buddha Eye Temple.  Please complete the Volunteer Interest & Skills Form to help us connect you with the right volunteer opportunities that work for you.  We are so grateful for the generosity of our volunteers! We thank you for your interest in joining the volunteer community. Within our gates, we hope that people from all walks of life may encounter true peace and joy and we couldn’t do that without you.


At the Buddha Eye Temple, we are committed to a vision of community and inclusion. We invite all who enter our sanctuary to share in the care and keeping of this community by becoming an invested steward. Stewardship can be a simple way to explore the truth of interconnection and mutuality. Stewards are committed to helping the temple thrive, and help provide feedback and direction to the temple. The practice of generosity, or dana, is an essential component of temple stewardship. Stewards support to the temple by offering time and talent, goods and services, and financial donations.