Sudden and Gradual

Head of Assembly, Myobun Freinkel Tishman
Sunday Morning Service: 10:00am
August 11th

What is the work of waking up, and how do we locate it in the timeline of a human life? Do we gradually clarify and perfect our hearts as we walk the Way? Or, is our mind and heart always and already pure?

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"Imagine Awakening" Part 3

Imagine Awakening

Head Teacher Ejo McMullen
Sunday Morning Service: August 4th, 2019, 10:00am

The way we encounter the world has everything to do with how we imagine, how we create images. What images do we have of Buddhahood and of Awakening? How do those images serve or hinder the path of Wisdom and Compassion? How does imagination itself call out for waking up?

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"Effort & Ease"

July 7th, 10:00am
Head Teacher, Ejo McMullen Osho

What is the relationship between “effort” and “ease?” How do we encounter the phenomena of work and leisure, labor and relaxation? Are these things at odds? Head Teacher Ejo McMullen Osho, after returning from travels in Hawaii, reflects on the surprising interconnectedness between what we call “effort” and “ease.”

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Fifteen Years of Buddha Eye

Head Teacher Ejo McMullen
Sun June 16th 10 AM

Over the years the temple has grown into this West Eugene neighborhood and the neighborhood has formed around us.  Temples are shrines to liberation.  They exist to mark and facilitate transformation.  What is at the core of this transformation and how does it include the world? 

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Zen as Religion?

Head of Assembly, Myobun Freinkel Tishman

The word “zen” is just a Japanese transliteration of a Sanskrit term for meditation: dhyana. Zen is the “meditation" school - and in modern Western circles, we tend to think about meditation in psychological and scientific terms.  But what about the “woo”?

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Life and Death

Head Teacher Ejo McMullen
Sun  May 19  10AM

"In birth there is nothing but birth and in death there is nothing but death. Accordingly, when birth comes, face and actualize birth, and when death comes, face and actualize death. Do not avoid them or desire them."

These words come from Dogen-zenji's teaching called "Life and Death" They are his deep encouragement to encounter directly the great mystery of our coming and going. What gateway lies in facing life? What gateway lies in facing death?

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