Buddha Eye, established 2002, is a registered temple of the Soto Zen School, the second largest Buddhist denomination in Japan.  The school is a federation of temples, priests and lay people, from around the world, who maintain the lineage of teachings that pass through Eihei Dogen Zenji, a preeminent Zen Master of 13th century Japan.  Our abbot, Ejo McMullen, is a lineage holder in this tradition through his teacher Joshin Keira Roshi, former abbot of Shurinji Temple, Sendai, Japan. Ejo holds both Japanese and International Soto Teaching Certifications and serves as Secretary of the Board for the North American Bishop’s Office.  He served on the boards of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association and the Association of Soto Zen Buddhists for many years and remains a member of both organizations today.

Buddha Eye Temple seeks to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people.  We celebrate diversity and extend a warm welcome to you.

Buddha Eye Temple is a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization

Vision Statement

Buddha Eye Temple is a place where awakening is realized for and with the whole community. Together we unfold buddha teachings of compassion, wisdom and generosity. Our temple opens wide on many paths of practice. Within our gates, a person may enjoy the garden, offer a stick of incense or spend a lifetime in practice.

•    We maintain an inviting temple environment, open to the public, so that people from all walks of life may encounter true peace and  joy.
•    We strive to bring ancient wisdom to modern life through our shared exploration of buddha dharma. We encourage a spirit of inquiry, offering      dharma talks, classes and other events.
•    We respond to the needs of the community by seeking ways to be of service and establishing outreach programs that nurture wisdom and compassion.
•    We rely on generosity as the fundamental support for our temple. We offer all dharma programs free of charge.
•    We transform by unfolding the living tradition of Soto Zen. We affirm a diversity of practice paths as the fullest expression of buddha dharma.
•    We uphold zazen as the simply transmitted wondrous dharma at the core of our temple's activity. The integrity of a life grounded in zazen is immediately available to all beings.