Dharma Seminar


Dharma Seminar
September 26th, October 3rd and 24th, November 14th and 21st, and December 12th 
6:30p - 8:30
Lead by Myobun Freinkel Tishman

Dharma Seminar is an opportunity to meet with others for in-depth study of the dharma. Typically centered around a sutra or writings of the ancestors, the Dharma Seminar is facilitated by a teacher but truly unfolds through the heartfelt participation of the students.

For Fall 2019 our focus will be Dōgen Zenji’s essay “Being-Time” (“Uji”). Registration required. To register, please email the following form to office@buddhaeye.org. If you have any questions, please contact Myobun at myobun@buddhaeye.org.

Expectations include: regular commitment to Zazen; study and exploration of assigned texts and themes at home; completion of four brief reflection pieces; willingness to offer and receive feedback. Dharma Seminarians are also expected to listen to the teacher’s Sunday dharma talks on the Seminar topic (all available on SoundCloud for those who cannot be in attendance).

Our ancestor Dōgen invites us to follow the teaching of impermanence all the way to its root. For Dōgen, the fundamental study of the Buddhadharma is the study of time: the study of all things continually arising and falling away. Because all things continually flow into all things, each moment is the whole universe – even while there is nothing but just this moment. Dōgen’s teachings about time, and about being as time, are especially crucial in today’s streaming, multitasking, digital overload world. So many of us feel hurried, harried and overwhelmed. Can we slow down? Can we find ease and “time enough” for practice? Can we heal our own time-being?

Required text (available through Buddha Eye): Shinshu Roberts, Being-Time: A Practitioner’s Guide to Dogen’s Shobogenzo Uji (Wisdom, 2018).