This Sunday 7-22-2018

How Things Are is How We Get Free Part 2 of 3

With Head Teacher Ejo McMullen

"Dharma" means both the actuality of life that the Buddha Shakyamuni woke up to and the teachings of liberation that sprang from that awakening.  In this three part series, Ejo will discuss how our actual lives, even the most difficult parts, are the dharma.  Life is  "How things are" and waking up to the wholeness of living is "How we get free".

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Class: Buddha Nature

While awakening can never be reduced to or captured in words, one way we receive the Buddha Dharma is through the words of our ancestors.  On Tuesday evenings we plunge into "Buddha Nature", one of the most important texts of Dogen-zenji, the founder of the Soto School of Zen in Japan.  We will explore the foundations of Mahayana thought through Dogen's radical presentation of universal awakening.

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Precepts as Gateway: Jukai

How shall I live?  ... the most fundamental of spiritual questions.  One aspect of our response is ethics, the investigation of what should and should not be done.  The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts represent our aspiration to live an ethical life and our commitment to the continual inquiry that such a life demands.

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